Business with Ethics: Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha

Vedas acknowledge the existence of desire (Kama) and the pursuit of Wealth (Artha) to satisfy it but within the gambit of Social Responsibility
(Dharma) for the ultimate Inner Satisfaction (Moksha).

It is this ethos which has inspired Deepak and Bharat Thakkar, founders of
Zeus; not because of economic need but the spirit of entrepreneurship which runs in the Thakkar family. With transportation in their blood, spirit of
adventure in their heart and a cool, experienced head for business, the two
brothers set upon being masters of their own destiny with the blessings of
their father, Jamnadas Thakkar, whose moral and business ethics inhibited
him from forsaking his brothers.

Propelled by inner values, behaviour, attitude and an acute desire to grow
gave shape to Zeus. The initial years were tough going but ultimately
dedication and determination to succeed paid off and the last few years have seen rapid growth and within a span of 10 years ZEUS ranked amongst the top 10 air freight forwarders in India with branches in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Chennai. New Delhi, Pune, Tirupur and Tuticorin.

The main reason for this growth is "Care and Concern" for the Customers both "Internal "and" External". In this highly competitive and totally service
oriented trade, team performance is the ultimate test. To that goal, each
individual's needs and potential are assessed and then they are
moulded together according to their strengths and weaknesses to ensure
performance at the desired levels in Unison and Harmony under Inspirational Leadership.

Zeus is managed not only for the benefit of shareholders but for stakeholders which encompass all who interact with it by endeavoring to provide highest levels of Quality Service. The endeavor is to manage Zeus as "Propertyless Manager" as expounded in Bhagwat Gita.

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